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Originally Posted by StarlightMintz View Post
Hang in there floralshorts! I go for orientation tomorrow and I'm hoping to get my appts done quickly so I can get started ASAP!

Thanks for posting things that do and don't work for ya ... I'm taking notes.
Have fun at your orientation tomorrow. When is your start date? Do you have one yet? Are you planning on doing Optifast 70 too?

I had better luck today with the chocolate Optifast 70, thank god! I mixed it with coffee, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and a little Splenda. The cinnamon TOTALLY cut out the nasty aftertaste of the chocolate. It was so good I felt like I was cheating while drinking it.

Other news: I was pretty irritable today. I will attribute that to my body not being in ketosis yet/me being hungry at random times in the day. I can't wait until I'm in ketosis so that I don't feel hungry. D:

TMI news: I use the birth control Nexplanon (implant in arm) and have been for about four years now. While on Nexplanon, I don't get a period, which is awesome. When I tried low-carb/keto eating earlier this year, I would have random breakthrough bleeding, which was annoying. Well, today that started happening again. I was curious why this only seems to happen when I'm eating low carb, so I poked around on the internet for a bit. Apparently the reason is that because estrogen is stored in fat, when you lose fat rapidly it gets released into your system, flooding your body with excess hormones, which can sometimes cause breakthrough bleeding or irregular periods. Interesting.
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