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Default Hi, I am new here..have a long way to go.

Hi, my name is Bonnie, I am 42 years old..and trying to get my weight loss going again.. Let me start by giving a little bit of a back story.

I have been over weight all my life. Not blaming anyone one, but was never taught the importance of good nutrition or exercise.

In June of 2012 i decided enough is enough, i was at my highest weight of 435 something needed to be done! So i started exercising as much as i could, was light because i have a bad back.. I spent money on the visalus shake stuff....and by October 2012 I was down to 370. I was so happy to finally see the weight coming off.

But as most time it does, life happens. I got divorced, which cut my income in half and i could no longer afford the shakes. So life goes on.

Divorced, moved, married again and weight is back up to 396 I am slowly creeping back up the terrifies me..I don't want to be that weight again..I just need something to get me motivated and moving in the right direction.

So i came across the link to this forum while searching for diet plans and decided to join, hopefully having a place to go with people that are going through the same will help me..
Thank you
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