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Originally Posted by stephascope View Post
Hey Ruth Ann, I stayed the same weight in phase 3 and gained a few in phase 4 as well. I suspected I would have to follow a fairly low carb diet after IP which I started on Saturday. I felt so bloated and awful. Once I eat a carb, I can't stop all day. I was wanting to eat baked goods all day long. I feel so much better now after cutting all that out. I am going to continue keeping my carb grams under 50 a day and have a fun meal or two a week and see how that goes since the phase 4 protocol was causing me too many cravings.
I think I need to lower my carbs. It's funny, I'm not having any cravings and haven't actually had a fun day or meal yet but I think I just added too much all at once. Coach said to bring my carbs up to 100 and I suspect that's just too much for me so I'm going to lower it some and see if that works better for me. I drank a ton of water today and am not feeling so bloated so I'm hoping it was just too much sodium on top of upping everything.

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