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I can do it!!!
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Cool Hello!

Hello Support Buddies! Today was a gorgeous day! I walked my dogs for 25 minutes, but my eating wasn't great. I am going to walk on the treadmill tonight for some more exercise and aim for healthier eating tomorrow.

coffeeshopgirl: Happy to know that you are feeling our support! I hope you DO keep coming back! Hope all is going okay with the stress that you are dealing with. That's great that you are using positive self-talk with yourself. It really does help. Hang in there!

Amy: Happy to hear that you had a beautiful day where you are, too! Hope you took some time to enjoy it! Good that your friend is going to help you pack this weekend. You can finish that box! I know you can. "Just do it!" Nice that you volunteer at your local hospital.

MonteCristo: Sorry that you are feeling down today. That is so childish, unfair, and manipulative of your Dad's fiance to try to put you in the middle of their spat! Good for you for NOT taking the bait! Sorry this is all making you crave sugar, but DON'T CAVE IN!!! You have done so well!!! Do your best to stay focused on YOURSELF and YOUR life and YOUR needs. You matter! Be strong for YOURSELF!!!

Trish (lilturtle): So happy to hear that you made it to Florida okay! Your delay in leaving must have been so frustrating. But you made it through everything!!! YAY for YOU!!! Enjoy the sunshine , the pool, and time with your mom! Thanks for checking in!

Fi: Keep on BERPing!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! Glad to hear that all of the physical labor has chased away your insomnia and that your mood is holding steady. You can reward yourself later, when the BERPing is done, by making a collage. Thank you for taking the time out to post and say hello!

Holly: How are you? When did you decide to begin your summer job? I hope all goes well for you!

Chelsea (CDubsGotGoats): Haven't heard from you in awhile. Are you still reading along?!? Hope all is well!

Waving HELLO to everyone else!
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