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Originally Posted by MonteCristo View Post
Feeling a bit down today. .... And this is making me crave sugar like crazy...not even one thought about sugar after the first few days, and now at the very first sign of family crap I want to dive headfirst into a giant chocolate frosty.
Gah is right about the fiance acting so childish! and trying to put you in the middle!! I HOPE the angst will not push you into having sugar when you've been doing so well

Coffeeshopgirl - we are here for you

Kathleen - Oh thank you for the pup pics! Griffin is cute and OMGosh at Lucy, what a CUTE face on that little girl Oh I am so sorry that the small indiscretion (candy bar) was made you feel yucky. Well now you know that they don't taste as good as you think, and the results are regrettable. Hang strong!

Hi Sabrina, how was your day?

Seabiscuit, I"m so glad you had a beautiful day, and you are so wonderful to do that hospital volunteer work .

Fi, you are making such a dent in your BERP! and very good to hear that the insomnia is gone.

lilturtle, so glad you made it! I would have been at getting there so nice and early for check-in and no one there! and delays. BUt now you're enjoying WARMTH and sun I hope and a pool

Hi worththeeffort2, Ohio, Chelsea, projectjudi, 1life2liv, and Hope!

Today was FINALLY sunny! So as I had no excuse, I was outside for over 2 1/2 hours raking, picking up branches, and cleared off our deck, which was a horror show of discarded crap, leaves, pine needles, dirt, ugh! It looks FANTASTIC now. The lawn is leaf-free. DH comes home, pauses at the door before coming inside, and DOES NOT SAY 'WOW EVERYTHING LOOKS GREAT' or anything like that...he chooses to say, 'where is the sensor for the thermometer?" It is apparently a small piece of white plastic that was on the deck table...I immediately felt the blood rush to my face and get red..he would NEVER do anything like that physical work, I am the only one around here to do it, and that's the reaction??? I said shortly, 'well I guess I raked it, and it's gone, sorry' and just stalked away. I'm still steamed. I shouldn't get so upset but things like this make me want to be single!!!!!!!! It also makes me want to stuff my face out of anger, and we don't even have anything 'good' but i would do it with peanut butter and bread!!!
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