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Originally Posted by davina View Post
Pattience, thanks for the vipassana meditation suggestion, looks like I have a centre about an hour from me. I am definitely going to look into it. I've been looking into retreats and such but they are all way out of reach for me price wise so this seems like an amazing opportunity. edit..actually reading up on it and some comments it sounds kind of scary and not suited for someone with panic issues..I'll research some more on it.

chablet,I relate to a lot of what you've said. I too gained about 60 pounds since this whole thing started. I have always had a weight and food problem, but just ballooned due to so much inactivity and doing nothing but eating.
I've never heard of the online volunteering options sounds very interesting, will definitely look into it..Thanks. Please message me anytime as well.

Thanks Monica for your support. I am working on finding a good doctor/psychiatrist
Davina, its definitely something you should work up to with therapy first and learning mindfulness from psychologist teacher first preferably. I can breakdown all the other concerns that you may have though, its also why i suggested starting off with a weekend or as small a retreat as they have for starters.

Although its strict, they do care for you a lot. And if you know about ways to make it easier for yourself, you could manage. Did i say i've done two retreats in different centres. There are always one or two people who leave early but if you were well prepared in advance, you'd have no trouble. I found that for me, all my therapy and having learnt the basics of meditation and done some reading in advance, made it much less problematic for me than for people who go straight into a 10 day retreat with zero awareness of meditation and the centres. Most ordinary people can handle doing that, but for people with any mental health issues, they need to be properly prepared.

What i learnt from my first one, and was much better at handling for my second one, was not to argue in my head or outside it with theoretical points i disagreed with. but just to go with the flow.

Although its a long day, if you don't get up for the morning session, that's fine. There is plenty of time for rest and sleeping if you need it.

But as i said, you should be well prepared in advance if you have an anxiety issue but it could well give you a huge breakthrough in your experience if you can stay with any course you start until the end.

Theres'a also a book you could try to work with from home. Called mindfulness in Plain English, though i think if you can learn from a psychologist you will leaps and bounds ahead of anything you can learn from a book but that is a very good clear and straightforward book to start with. I loved it so much i read it twice straight away. There's also Jon Kabat Zinn's book called Full Catastrophe Living which would benefit you. In it he shares the same technique as that in the vipassana centres. But the vipassana experience is so worth doing. The teaching style is really really excellent - not to put too finer a point on it.
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