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Started Atkins on 4/30/14. Lost 30 or so lbs on Atkins when I was 16. Haven't done it since then. Gained a massive amount and I'm Ready to change my life since working through a bunch of emotional issues.
SW: 313
CW: 305.5
July 4th GW: 280

Additional Goals:
*Track & Weigh Daily
*Be able to walk 7 miles a day- at least 4 days a week (To my Grandmother's house for tea. Maybe I'll even save a little gas money using all this Fat Power to get around. You never know!)
* I've got to get over the fear of everyone looking at me out walking. ( I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone else and I feel Judged and ashamed for letting myself get this big. I've worked and socialized outside of this small community for those reasons and I have to stop letting my weight hold me back!)
*Drink 64 oz+ water a day
I'll check in daily to report weight, exercise, and water consumed.

Something has to change and that something is ME.
I'm Really Excited to be here! I think This is the kind of support I have Needed. You All are Amazing and Inspire Me!
Keep up the Awesome work, everyone!!
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