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The BERP goes on, progressing very slowly. I've been scissoring images out of magazines & junk mail, what I call "clipping," for three weeks now, and thus have cleared about 10 square feet of floor in the living room. 'Doesn't seem like much for several hours of hard labor a day, six days a week. Maybe a square foot every two days? But I am working on the most difficult part of the project first, the harvesting of my raw material for collage.

I'm thinking about hiring my 13-yr-old grand-niece to help me with sorting the thick piles of clippings into the 18 big low boxes I have in the bookshelves in my collage studio. But the clippings don't have to get sorted before the fur-kids arrive.

The reason I'm focusing on the piles in the living room first is that Bob would like to build a wooden "cat condo" of sorts, so they can climb and hang out up high...sort of like a cat tree, but more modernistic in design. Living as we do, in the best of circumstances, in an environment filled with lots of visual stimulation (books, art, colorful Mexican rugs), it's nice, whenever possible, to have some objects with very clean, modern lines. Anyway, the piles have to go before he can measure the space for the cat furniture and design the project.

sugar2go— It's terrific that you're German—born, raised, & spoiled! =grin= I have a friend originally from South Africa who lives in Regensburg. And I used to have a German friend—kinda out of touch with her now—who moved to the U.S. Not only that, but my best friend, who lives in Minnesota, is a self-employed German-to-English translator. OK, here's the slow belly breathing that's been shown to activate the part of the brain involved in willpower: what you do is, lie down comfortably on your side or your back, and start by totally relaxing your belly muscles. Then imagine that your belly is a balloon that you slooooowly inflate when you breathe in. Hold it completely inflated for a count of 3, then slooooowly allow it to deflate. If it's deflating too fast, try exhaling through pursed lips. It may take a dozen breaths or so before you get the hang of it. Your aim is to get your breathing rate down to 4 breaths a minute, or 15 seconds a breath, but even if you don't achieve that, slowing your breathing rate way down will still work. Do the exercise for about 10-15 minutes. The best time to do this is shortly before you're going to be facing a willpower challenge: before dinner, for example, or before your tempted-to-nibble time in the evening. But Betsy, it doesn't have to be right before the meal: a few hours before is OK, I think.

Sam— I'm amazed that you're into size 16 leggings! Congrats! When I get down to size 16 pants, I'll be only 2 sizes away from my goal weight. What I've been very impressed with, in hanging out on this group, is how differently shaped we all are, not to mention our wide range of heights. I'm sort of a cross between a pear shape and an hourglass—or as I've been known to put it, "an hourglass where it's pretty late in the day." My waist is always 12"-13" smaller than my hips, no matter where I am in my weight range. Elastic waists are a godsend for me: I can get pants & skirts that fit my hips, and then the elastic waist contracts down to fit my waist. As for your galaxy leggings that are getting loose around the ankles, can't you just move them into the stretchy pants category? That's what I do when I have leggings that are too big: I just wear them as pants—until the baggy waist becomes impossible, of course.

That's all I have time to write today. Warm greetings to everyone else!

Current mini-goal: Get BACK down to 260
Pounds to go: 7

Mini-goal 1: 30 days binge-free —> done 12/21/13 & binge-free now
Mini-goal 2: Get down to 280 —> done 5/22/14
Mini-goal 3: Get down to 260 —> done 1/1/16

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