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good morning! Sun is out and it's a beautiful day! Dh just left to get some supplies for building a birdhouse. Our son and his gf gave him a saw to use in building things. So he's enthusiastic about starting. I pointed out a few things that needed fixing around the house first...loose wood here and there and he fixed them fast before going out. Guess that wasn't very nice (at least the timing?), but they did need to be done and were simple things. this is not a gym day so I'm trying to get more done in the house.

My eating today:
lighter pb mocha made with almond milk - protein, carb and fat

am snack (not sure I should have had a snack)
1 oz deli thin roast beef slices -pro
1/2 banana sprinkled with cinnamon - carb
Tablespoon pecans - fat

Grilled cheese sandwich - carb, fat and protein
about 1/3 cup chili - off plan

1 sq chocolate caramel

baked chicken breast - protein and fat
roast asparagus - free
5 strawberries with 1 t. powdered sugar - sugar would be off plan but fruit is my carb

Wannabee/Lucinda - I like your comment about Lucinda and you are right, she's amazing. I need to do the same thing. I know my weakness is my evening snacking and I need to tackle it as you say ...I've been trying but it's time to just do what I need to do and stop allowing it to be an obstacle. I appreciate all you GGs so much as even though it may not seem like I change much I do learn and grow and am motivated by your comments. For about a week when I started this current eating strategy, I didn't eat in the evening at all. My bs was still high in the am but not as bad and it came down pretty nicely during the day, so I believe that is the answer. If I can get it down at least enough to keep my A1C below 7, I can probably stay on one med.

Lucinda - I am the same way about sweets if I have them in the house, however I'm ok with the 1-2-3 cake because it is not good enough for me to crave. Dh buys goodies for himself and sometimes that is still hard for me. If I can fit them into my eating plan I will ask (he no longer offers at least!) for some but because I think of them as HIS I don't binge on them like I would if I bought for myself or both of us. However I will overeat on if sweets aren't in the house, I'll overeat on nuts, or pb or bread or anything! So for me I just have to stick to my eating plan and say no...but it is hard.
Speaking of strange things to eat...I think my strangest are a tablespoon of mayo on salads sometimes (mostly I don't use any dressing, this is just now and then), or radish and butter (Smart Balance) sandwiches. I think these are midwestern things or were in my day.

Lynn - LOL my dh said the 1-2-3 cake looks like a sponge! He liked it.

Cajun - I'll have to look for bream...never heard of it before. Hope your burn is easing some.

Karen3 - Tea baths might be good for self-tanning! A way to get it in a comfortable to speedy way! I'd probably come out streaked though. I use the Jergens tanning cream and occasionally I get it steaked...looks bad.

Hi to everyone all have a good day!

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