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The day kept changing on me, but I made good substitutes for what I originally planned.

I worked out my first 5 day summary and discovered that the days I consumed the lowest calories were also the days I had the lowest Degree of Difficulty. I entertained for a few minutes the possibility that the cause and effect meant that by consuming fewer calories, I would have easier days. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure it goes the other way -- on my easier days, I consume fewer calories.

So, did the data tell me how to make easier days? Well, the easiest day was Sunday -- the day I took off from all the things that count as "work." That's probably not a useful bit of information.

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Welcome, wannabehealthy and millie56! Great to see you in this thread!

BillBlueEyes: flat leaf parsley is one of my most useful garden plants. I grow it from seed directly sown in the ground -- that requires lots of patience because they take a month to sprout. They've worked, though, except for the year that I forgot where I planted them and planted something else over the top during that month when they appeared to do nothing.

GosfordGirl: I celebrate Cinco de Mayo by avoiding, by miles if possible, all Mexican restaurants because they are completely packed with customers parked in every spot for blocks and blocks.
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