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Great job everyone! And thanks for sharing your stories and pictures!
Sue, so sorry your friends didn't appreciate your wonderful-ness, but glad that you still had a fantastic birthday with your walking friend! Your margaritas sounded so good! I might just have that for my birthday next month instead of the usual. I can't promise that I will stop at 2 though...

Things are going great on the health front for me these last couple of weeks and I am so thrilled that the scale is finally moving in the right direction. My official day for this challenge is Thursday so hopefully I'll still have good news to report. I did have horrible heartburn this morning after I walked 5 miles and (TMI ALERT), am a little backed up so had something not exactly on plan, but at least it was sugar free. Hopefully it won't affect my weight loss...

Have a great week everyone!
I will go with the flow and trust that it will take me where I need to be...

1,000 miles walking in 2014 (7/5) ✔
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