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akelly I wonder if you can find a substitute for the egg. I am starting to think eggs do something to me. When I eat them boiled and sometimes scrambled I have this awful burping thing afterwards, drives me nuts, the smell is horrid. But in the one minute muffin I don't think there is an issue. Maybe because you microwave it, idk Sorry to hear about your allergies. I love seafood especially blue crab which was readily available up north. LOL I use to live near all of those stores but I love Goodwill also and the ones in the area we lived in were great unlike here where most things to me should have been trashed. My daughter use to say I am the only person she knows that can go to a thrift store and buy things that look new or that still have the tags on them . Good job on the chicken tenders. cravings are the beast

Kukkie, sorry to hear Peanut isn't feeling well. I hope he feels better soon. Do you have a vaporizer? that helped our children when they were congested with a little Vicks vapor rub Great job on the 192 , I'm happy for you

Tonya, good to see you Sorry about the stall, but inches are dropping so that's a great NSV

I have am up of 2.8lbs since yesterday. I know it's water so I'm not worried. I am up 4.2lbs from my low still not worried. I have a better mind set for some reason this go around. I have had four totally off plan days. My carbs have been really high these days. So once I get that under control I'll be fine. TOM showed up for one day and then gone. I am not understanding this stage of life with my body. But this happened last year in August so it is what it is maybe I'm about to go through menopause I plan to go to the gym this afternoon to help with the up and start tomorrow fresh with low carb low cal
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