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Howdy all!

I've found myself in a bit of a slump again, I've seemed to lost all drive to go out and run or even exercise in general. It's like if I focus on nutrition too much I can't seem to find the energy to exercise, it's crazy! My worst quality is my laziness, I can very easily fall into this slump of just wanting to do nothing all day. Ultimately that leads to junk food, which thankfully as a result of having no bad food in the house I've not managed to get a hold of.

I'm going to jig around my 10K training schedule a bit, realised that I really want to incorporate yoga into my routine as a staple, so I'm going to do yoga once a week, strength train twice a week and run 3 times a week. I'm going to make it my goal to exercise 3 times a week, however, but in an ideal world that's what my workout routine will be.

On a personal note I've been looking into US visas, our game plan has completely changed. Looks like I might be getting married sooner than I expected...possibly within the next year. However not really in the style I envisioned, I'm not talking about getting married by means of a nice ceremony, I mean going somewhere to get a certificate and THEN having a ceremony down the line. A lot more to consider and this way things are a lot more stable (though not very romantic) in the long run and doesn't have me going back and forth between England and America.


Dott - Thanks for answering my question! I think while I'm still getting back into counting calories I'll keep it simple before trying the method you said, but it does sounds like a good method. BBQ place was amazing, but SO MUCH FOOD! I was pretty good with not eating the fatty bits on the meat and knowing when to stop! Wow, your are all so beautiful! I think you're stunning too, you could have totally joined your fellow model siblings ;p. Haha, can't believe your brother just got dragged into it though! Can't he say no?! Congrats on a successful week 1 of phase 5 nutrition!! Oh wow, your boyfriend is a feeder!! My Mum is too, she always buys me/offers me really bad (but delicious) food to make herself feel better about the fact she's not eating healthy. While she will happily support my weight loss efforts and buy me healthy food, if I show that I'm faltering and say "oh man, I want pizza!" she's the type to go out and get pizza despite me needing someone to say "no!" The best thing you can do is to say no to those treats. It's hard...boy, is it hard...but once you say no often enough he will give up trying.
Taking a break from 3FC, thanks guys!

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