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So points are weird...I get 26 everyday but then get 7 points in indulgence each day. So why don't they just say 33. When tracking it only dips into the 7 after you use up the 26. Now exercise is another thing. It keeps logging point I have "earned" but I can't use them daily or log them. I think if I use up all my other points those kick in.

Hopefully with the help of an advisor I will be able to figure out if I am eating too much/little. How does working out play into it? should I be eating those points too? Don't quite know yet.

Kris- Good job on the NS. Sorry you're hungry. Stick with it for a week and see what happens.

MM- Have a great day.

I have a 2 day conference this week, overnight/out of town. Eating will be at the mercy of what they provide and then one dinner one my own. YIKES!! I can do this right??
Doing it this time, Mindy!!

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