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Thumbs up Tuesday - International No Diet Day

Diet Coaches/Buddies Boring in the not-so-good way. Yesterday repeated the day before: skipped appointments, ate ham, spent time in bed moaning, little exercise. Oh Well.

Eating was on plan since it would have taken energy to do otherwise, LOL - but CREDIT moi anyway. I did walk to the library to pick up a book for DW, so mini-CREDIT moi for a mini-walk.

onebyone Seems like a day mastering stopping - Kudos for that. And Kudos for being able to extract the compliment within "Pretty bland, good, but really ordinary" - LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Yay for a glorious day. DW arrived home from an errand to Home Depot with a peat moss pot of 4 flat parsley plants that "followed her home." One, with cocoa mulch, went to the kids next door who're mesmerized with the chocolate smell.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) Special Kudos for "2 minutes" on "something I find impossible" - that's the spirit. [Cinco de Mayo is appropriated by the college kids as an excuse for drinking. I'm led to understand that it's not celebrated in Mexico.]

maryann - "cleared for another five years" is the best result possible - Congrats to your DH for good health. Hospitals do make themselves easy to hate.

nationalparker Can almost smell your patio from here. Kudos for tending to your environment.

Tricia (AZtricia) - I am aghast at your cheeky diet program - the nerve. Kudos for OP despite the aroma of Rotisserie-ing chickens.

6crowsgold - Yep, I, too, love it to discover a weight loss "stuck." Congrats for being comfortably past your midway point.

Carol Sue (Wannabehealthy) - Love the image of your Beck book being rescued from the donate box. It's always a pleasure to have an experienced 3FC'er drop by - hope you decide to stay and join us.

millie56 - Neat to have such a big milestone as Onderland within a five pound reach. Kudos for recognizing yourself as not having an eating disorder and a good candidate for the Beck Strategies. Glad you've joined us.

Readers -
day 15 Monitor Your Eating

The Benefits of writing Down What You Eat

Continually monitoring what you eat will provide you with the following benefits:
It helps you recognize and solve problems. By taking time each night to see if you strayed from your eating plan - and why - you can figure out how to correct the problem n the future. Instead of labeling yourself as a failure for overeating or engaging in unplanned eating, you can see these behaviors as solvable problems and not as personal failures.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 143.
New Journey: 12 years and 6 months
In maintenance phase: 11 years
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