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Good evening coaches

I am just back from gym. I did 10 minutes on the bike - I still find it quite difficult so good enough. I decided to tackle the cross trainer - something I find impossible. I lasted 2 minutes. Let's see if I can increase that every week - bit like the 0 to 5K

Lunch was a disaster - I had packed something for lunch but not that interesting. When I stopped to get a birthday gift for a work colleague I bought a curried seafood pie - it was horrible and I ate it and it was a waste of calories. I really would have preferred what I had with me for lunch! Moving on. I see the boss tomorrow morning - not keen on it and can't imagine how to prepare

BillBE - ham is good and ham soup is also good - you will need to save it for next winter won't you? Glad you are resting up - viruses need time and rest (apparently). "Cinco de Mayo" - 5th of May - do you guys celebrate it?

6crowsgold - night foraging / sleep walking does indeed sound weird and interesting! And Lunesta sounds like an interesting hypnotic. That would be an unsettling experience for you. Glad the weight loss stuck

Onebyone - fabulous avatar - looks right through you. Credit for doing well with cake and snacks and eating unplanned food.

Gardenerjoy - credit for workable substitutions that also satisfied

Wannabehealthy - Welcome - this is a good place to be

Maryann - True - we are all trying to avoid the health and functional impact of unhealthful eating - I forget sometimes that it is not just about fitting into my clothes

Millie56 - Welcome - glad you had a great realisation with Beck. Looking forward to hearing more about your journey

Tricia - Glad you are improving. DF does go on about how few calories simple exercise really burns so I ignore MFP when it tries to tell me I can eat more - sounds like your program is more sensible!

Nationalparker - your garden and patio sounds like a fine distraction. And I know what you mean about sitting out on one in the early morning as the sun comes out - good for the soul

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