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It feels good to be here
And for starting a new habit I try to post daily - or at least often, as recommended. (apart from the next two weeks where I'll be away on holiday -finally and much needed)
Today is a good day - it started with cake ( - I love calorie counting, when there are enough for cake and fruits in the moring), and finally the headache because of menstruation faded and I'm not craving for tons of salty and fat food anymore. I hope my scale will not be too upset on saturday.
There is a lot of running around today as I have to see my doctor because of my appointment with the University Clinic tomorrow (nothing dangerous, just the dermatologists) and need to get a new pair of sport shoes

Fiona - yes, I was born and raised and spoiled in Germany. [ I hope that is nothing that speaks against me?]
And would you please explain the breathing trick again?!
I love the BERP Idea - hope you have a great day with it.

Ubee - I'm not afraid to go to the gym, I actually really like my gym and the people there - at least I did that when I was there at the beginning of last year. It's just that for the first time at being overweight I have health and breathing problems because of the weight, no condition (?) and I just feel the need to start with normal slow steps before I go there...
I have to walk before I can start to run again.

Sam - I really liked the 1x - congratulations. Was there any success in repairing the ballance ball?

Restless - when you finally figured everything out - could you please give me a short summary?

I wish us all a good and healthy day and lot of inner strengh when needed.
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