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Unhappy I goofed!

Well, today we took a road trip to Pittsburgh to my daughter's Endocrinologist there. I had a stomach ache all day and was REALLY CRAVING chocolate. So.......... on the way home, at a restroom stop, I bought one of those "Whatchamacallit" candy bars that used to be one of my favorites. I haven't had one in years and periodically crave one when I see them in the convenience stores. Thinking that maybe it would help my stomach settle down (seriously!), and STILL craving chocolate, I ate the whole thing. I must admit that it was good, but not nearly as good as I had remembered. So I did make a mistake by buying and eating the candy bar, but I learned a valuable lesson for the next time I am craving something: It doesn't taste as good as I imagine it will taste. AND I am now reminded of the saying: Nothing tastes as good as being THIN will feel! However, since we were on the road all day, I just sat in the car. Uggggh, I feel FAT tonight.

Trish: I was thinking of you today. Hope all went well and that you are now in Florida relaxing with your mom! Enjoy your time there! Please post as soon as you can to let us know how things went at the airport. Sending a big hug!

worththeeffort2: Love your line that you "are declaring your independence from fat and (your) observance of today will be to hit the elliptical later!" Good for you! Nice way to switch up the Cinco de Mayo holiday to make it healthy! That is awesome about your life now revolving around your workout rather than food!!! You are on your way! Hope your eye appointment ~ and your workout ~ went well!

pixelllate: Happy to hear from you again. Sorry for the abuse you suffered, too! So sad. Please feel free to chime in any time! Thanks for supporting Fi!

MonteCristo: Your yard must look lovely! Yay for perfect weather and yardwork as exercise! Hope you didn't overdo it!

Holly: My migraine is finally gone today, thank God! My pups are: a 10-yr-old male Brittany (Spaniel) ~ red/brown and white ~ named Griffin, a 4-yr-old black male Cocker Spaniel ~ named Lucky, and a 1-yr-old white female Clumber Spaniel ~ named Lucy. Lucy, still a pup, is a real handful! Love them all to pieces, though! I am posting photos of Griffin and Lucy below, but I have tried for over an hour to post one of Lucky and it won't let me! Arrrrgh!!! Frustrating!!!

Amy: I am doing okay, but I'm frustrated that I can't be consistent with healthy eating and small(er) portions. How 'bout you? When do you move? How is the packing coming, my fellow procrastinator?!?

Sabrina: Glad to hear that you felt really welcomed back to work and got lots of hugs! So nice that you have a photo of Isabelle on your clipboard at work and her room to spend time in when you want to feel close to her. She will be watching over you always and you will always be her Mommy!

Hello to Everyone Else! Hope all is well!
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