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Day One is a POP success. I ENJOYED the NS items. I chose wisely with the snacks. I blew it on water. I did not walk the dog. I hope that I can get to bed and to sleep before my gut figures out I'm hungry.

Mtiggie - That would have put 1/2 lb on me too. And believe me, I like that menu! I think its due, not to the amount of food (that wasn't much), but instead to all the starchy stuff. Even a bowl of chilli on a day of nothing but salad will drive my weight up. Don't you give up little one. Did you ever do the no starchy stuff after lunchtime meal?

My new boss doesn't eat lunch. Says he eats a good breakfast and decent dinner. He said eating lunch kills his energy. He walks at lunch EVERY SINGLE DAY. He's nuts... and thin and healthy.

1/2 marathon does sound daunting. So does losing 77 lbs. But both are doable. I haven't even WALKED a mile in a month. I will definitely have to get a training program in place.

Mavie - I want to spend some time with hubby. Glad you took some down time, even if just a night. We are fishing a derby together in Lake Havasu (as we always do) in two weeks. I can't wait.

Jcat - Are you still blasting out crazy shifts at work?

Diana and Carma.... miss you!

Off to review my budget for round two of cuts tomorrow. Not a happy working camper.
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