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Evenin everyone,

Had a feel good kind of day today....I felt really nice in my work outfit today instead of a blob in clothes...I guess the subtle changes are starting to appear for me now. Everyone can see it but me I guess...But now I'm really starting to notice and feel the difference the 43.8 lbs feels. Most of my clothes are falling off me and I've kinda steered away from wearing a few things because they look so baggy on me now. Luckily I got quite a few shirts from my friend who has gained weight. She is going to start eating like me soon...I told her to take the plunge and see what happens, but only she can decide for herself when the time is right.

I finally made it to Lowe's to get some goop glue to patch my balance ball. I found a how-to on trying to patch your ball if it gets a hole in it before you go out and buy a new one. I'm going to work on it tonight and if it doesn't work my grandma said I could have hers because she doesn't use it. I've really been missing that ball since it popped lol...I also took a quick trip to Wal-Mart to get some vitamins and shampoo for DH and I. I ended up buying a new pair of leggings..just simple black ones so it'll go with anything. I really like wearing leggings to work out in...and because I work out at home I don't have to feel awkward in them since I'm by myself...I was really happy when I tried them on at home...I took a chance and got a 1X (16)....and they fit!!! They're stretchy so I'm sure that's why they fit...I wanted to get them a little smaller so I could have them for awhile while losing weight since my other pair and my favorite (in galaxy print) are getting so big they are beginning to look VERY loose around the ankles haha!

Just did some cardio tonight and right now I'm making spaghetti squash and red sauce for dinner. Maybe I'll have a salad on the side too. It's one of my go to meals because I love pasta so much that this is a good alternative for me...I don't even really miss the spaghetti!

This week I'm going to focus more on my water intake. I was drinking about a gallon a day at one point and now I just kinda fizzled out. I might drink 2 liters a day. Still not bad, but I know I need more than that to be hydrated and help flush me out. Today I've had about a gallon so I feel pretty good.

I won't do personals tonight but I just wanted everyone to know that I read the posts and I'm thinking of all of you and cheering you on!! WE WILL DO THIS!!!!! Let's get it this week ladies and gents!!!!

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