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Originally Posted by Yayalaine View Post
I needed to read this thread, also. I cheated for the first time on Wednesday and it snowballed... It started with just one "taste" of cake icing. I avoided this forum since then because I felt so guilty. And, I kept eating every carb I had available to me. (This was "teacher appreciation week" at my school and our parents just poured out the sweets and treats. So, I had way more "available" than usual.)

Anyway, I decided to take this weekend to get my head back together and refocus my energy. I logged back on the forum to help with the refocus effort and saw this thread.

I don't want to do my usual negative self-talk of "I'm just a failure and there's no use trying, so I might as well eat what I want and enjoy it." (And, THAT sure hasn't worked!)

So, I hold up my protein shake in "Cheers!" to the rest of you and re-commit!
Way to get back on track. Next time, make this the first place you go! There is always someone online to talk you out of that cheat.

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