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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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Hello Coaches.

I'm feeling mostly better. My insides are still sore though and I'm not very hungry--which is a good thing. I had a bit of a slap from my diet program today. As I was entering the exercise for walking the dog it popped up a message that for such a small exercise that it was better to just let it be part of my background metabolism and never enter it - ouch! I guess I wouldn't enter brushing my teeth, so walking the dog as my toothbrush level of exercise (DF) is just a part of my day and not really "exercise".

Rotisserie-ing two chickens for today's dinner and the left-overs for the week's lunches. Going to do my exercise DVD tomorrow for "real" exercise. OP under 1700 cal today.

maryann Enjoy your little walk Glad your dh is fine. Wow, you are super at all your prep! Set for half a year on even one item is amazing. I can not believe someone would steal your cart -what!?! Huge kudos for your busy day.

Wannabehealthy Welcome! Hope you pull lots of helpful info from another time through Beck.

millie56 Welcome to the journey!

gardenerjoy Yogurt is an awesome choice! Going with a substitute, grilled meal, is great flexibility and healthy too. Our tastes have changed too as we've begun to eat healthier. Have not tried stronger greens recently though kale tastes almost sweet now, so maybe we'd like them.

onebyone Kudos for tracking and planning a snack. Your dessert decision sounds wise.

6crowsgold Congrats for another pound gone and 1/2 way done!

BillBlueEyes Your baskets sound great. I love bean soup. My favorite with a ham bone is a pinto bean recipe from an old Consumer Reports Bean, Pea, and Lentil cookbook. YUM! The heritage beans were a wide/flat version of green beans, golden something, that was sweet and flavorful...only a couple left in the veggie tray.

Chery/GosfordGirl Wishing you the best as you figure out retirement. Finance stuff long term is so stressful. Really weird about the yogurt labels! Guess you have to read everything!

CeeJay Hurray for sane and OP!

nationalparker So sorry you sister is being difficult still. Your flowers sound beautiful!
Tricia in AZ
Weight loss Plan: Track food in Diet Power, Exercise Plan: walk dog + TTapp DVD 3X/wk

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