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Hoopty-Yay for chewing! haha I'm glad you're finally healed up I like to aim between 1400-1600 too now, I think its a good range.

Rie-I think your new exercise goal idea sounds good I'm so glad calorie counting is working out for you and helping you stay accountable. If you're using a site like myfitness pal and put in your stats as sedentary or lightly active then yes, you really should be eating back your exercise calories. If you want to do the TDEE method though, which takes into account your daily exercise, then you subtract 20-25% from that and eat the same amount everyday and don't eat back your exercise calories. Right now I've switched over to the TDEE method again(I go back and forth) bc sometimes with being able to eat back exercise calories I find myself exercising just to eat I would highly suggest this site It seems to be a very accurate calculator for most if you're interested in the TDEE method. Sorry to go off on such a tangent! I get really geeky about this stuff How was the bbq place? You're so right that weight loss makes people weird! Ah that sucks about the wraps :/ I thought they might be super expensive there....My sister does a lot of work in Palm Springs(where we're from) and does local ads(she has 2 billboards lol), magazines(local and international ones), and fashion and hair shows. My brother hates modeling lol but she's dragged him around so he's been published in some magazines too and has done some local ads. My sister loves high fashion and artistic kind of works. I'll include my favorite magazine photo of my sister and my favorite photo of my brother. They're both very attractive, but I'm not so sure about myself lol I don't know where this newfound calm/acceptance is coming from, but it is a relief! That last scale break was really good for me.

So far things are going good. I forgot about strength training though and have to restart phase 5 exercise again. Phase 5 really seems to be my breaking point with both nutrition and exercise. I think once I get past this, I'll really have changed my lifestyle. I did a lot of hiking though, so I did exercise, just neglected the 2x strength training. Food is better and I managed to get through the first week of phase 5 nutrition finally! Doing well with my new method. Most of the bloating from the gluten is gone and the scale is going back down. Its getting close to TOM though and I've been ravenous!

I'm taking Rie's advice and haven't been talking to my bf about eating/dieting but that hasn't stopped him from continuing to make comments. Basically trying to get me to eat gluten free cookies and donuts all weekend. Ugh. I'm just going to have to try and remain strong and hopefully if I keep not talking about weight loss he will eventually calm down and stop. It really does have a negative effect on my weekends though. I'm really trying to get saturdays in order. I still go wayyyyy over I know I can conquer it though, I just need to be strong!

Today starts Mayterm, which is like summer school. Not looking forward to it, but at least the class is supposed to be easy(early childhood music ed). And my bff is taking it with me, so that should also make it more bearable.

Have a great week everyone!
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