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Good morning all. I'm in a can-do mood/attitude today which is great -- love it when I feel this way and have to admit that it's happening more frequently......I know it's tied in with the days getting longer.

Fi Yes, I've tried the belly breathing exercise, but it's almost impossible to take 15 minutes right before eating when one is the cook and trying to get a meal on the table. Also, I fell asleep the last time I did it. I need to work on awareness and I'm getting there. Good luck with BERP today. Just read your post about your mother -- so sorry that your family is going through this. Alzheimer's is such a devastating disease, but it sounds as though she's getting excellent care. Glad you and your sister made up, too.
Ubee Had a duh moment this morning and realized that I do much better when I dish everything up and take my plate to the table. So, I've decided that even if I am serving family style which is whenever the boys and their families are here that I'll do my plate and that's it! I watch Bill limit his portions because a) he's diabetic and has to and b) has the will power that I covet. We can do this. Actually, I'd like to put up a screen on the table with me sectioned off so I can talk to everyone but can't reach the food. We should go into business making them!
SilentArctic We all go up and down. Do you do a graph that shows your weight loss over a period of time. I remember reading on another thread that it's a very up and down line if looking at just a few days, but if looking at the trend over months that it's usually a steady downward trend. I'm big on visuals so maybe I need to start graphing.
Sugar2Go One of the best things about 3FC is that you'll find that you're not alone in what you're feeling. Everyone who has weight challenges share a lot of the same problems. And knowing that I'm not alone in being an emotional eater, too, or having trouble with portion control or lacking in will power has actually led to liking myself a whole lot more. And that has helped with eating better and sticking with this even if I've been maintaining for almost a year. Stick with us and like Ubee said, you'll soon have friends all over the world.
Terra Weather on the western side of the Cascades is very, very moderate with a temperature range of between 40-80 most of the time. Summers here are absolutely glorious and there are not very many bugs. The rest of the year it rains. Still gorgeous country, but it's taken me about 5 years to adapt to the short days and rain. Hope you get your walks in before it gets too hot.
Restless Just plunge in and let us know how your day is going. Pretty soon you'll get to know all of us and feel like you've been here forever. So glad you joined this thread.
Larry You are going through so much right now and to have your body temperature go that low is definitely something to be concerned about. Thank you so much for taking the time to post and please do let us know how things are going for you. We care about each other here.
Sam Sounds like a busy, but fun weekend for you. It's so neat that you do your meal planning/prep for the week on Sunday -- that would definitely help with staying on plan for those who are still working. Shopping is always fun, and Goodwill has some great buys.

I'd better get it in gear. I've got my lettuces soaking in a vinegar wash, and I need to go rinse and spin them so I'll have salad fixings for the week. My BIL is coming over for left overs tonight as I'm taking him to the airport in the morning at some ungodly hour -- we have to leave at 5:15 or so. I'll have his dog Becky for the next month so I'll just give up on having clean floors for awhile. Got my food laid out for today and my mind is in a better place. Have a great day everyone.

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