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Welcome, girlonthebeach! I hope you get your whoosh, but if you don't, stick with us anyway. If we don't help you get there fast, we'll help you get there slow!

Welcome, Novus, shr1nk1ngme, and Curvycurly, too!

shr1nk1ngme, what's your goal for May?

wvuchick: 7 lbs
tinajayne72: 5 lbs
Sum38: 8 lbs
curvynotlumpy: 8 lbs
Nunu27: 8 lbs
Olivia7906: 7 lbs
KarinRose: 8 lbs
Nichelle: 8 lbs
danana30: 10 lbs
maddierep: 10 lbs
Sydney_2009: 4kgs
Rashomon: 10 lbs
BigChiefHoho: 4 lbs
helpmelose: 10 lbs
nonameslob: 5 lbs
AAD: 2 lbs
tranquilbeauty: 8 lbs
Mrs_Snark: 90 meals POP, photos of all food
Rsadler126: check in w/ weight each weekday
Koshka: 5 lbs
SkylarLeeDixon: 10 lbs
Turtle11: maintain for an early pregnancy month
Syckgirlsfv: 8 lbs
jblanken: 10 lbs
Thedollylala: 7 lbs
noshoes: 3.5 kgs
sasyblond401: 5 lbs
gardenerjoy: log my food every day
RVAscreenwriter: 7 lbs
boatingmommy: 5 lbs
kelijpa: 6 lbs
xopeaceandlovexo: get to 198
sugar2go: 8 lbs
TrayTeam: 5 lbs
marymo: 4 lbs
MarliQQ: 12.7 lbs
berryblondeboys: 7 lbs
girlonthebeach: 10 lbs
Novus: 7 lbs
Curvycurly: 9.8 lbs

Project: back to goal, 5 pounds at a time
My goal story: Fifty and feeling fabulous!
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