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Sue : Happy Birthday!!! Wishing you a year of smaller sizes, healthy fun and great joy!

Nice to see everyone keeping on

Week Two Check In :

My major commitments :

- weigh in daily (I already do this)
- step count over 10,000 at least 1 day a week
- count calories/carbs at least 2 days a week
- no dairy other than grass fed butter

SW : 189.0
CW : 185.4 (-3.6)
GW : 179.0 (and this will put me out of OBESE & merely "Overweight" per BMI

Daily weights :
186.8 Apr 22
188.2 Apr 23
188.4 Apr 24
186.8 Apr 25
186.2 Apr 26
185.4 Apr 27 (lowest weight since my wedding in 2007)
185.8 Apr 28
185.0 Apr 29
185.6 Apr 30
186.4 May 1
185.4 May 2
187.2 May 3
187.2 May 4
185.4 May 5

Steps were above 8,000 (my daily target) on only one day this week, and NEVER above 10,000. This will be a hard goal for me this challenge, as it's a little at odds with my big personal project of finishing my book (which requires hours of my butt in the chair!) Will keep working on it...

I was glad to have the INDUCTION challenge last week, even if I didn't follow induction, it did have me counting again and that is always helpful. On a few days there were times I was thinking I wanted to eat something and I'd take a peek and where my food already was for the day and either make a different choice or decide to just have tea and not eat. When I don't track I rarely turn away once I've already started opening cabinet doors...

No dairy, no problem. It's been 2 months without dairy (except butter) and I'm kinda out of the dairy habit now. I still catch myself just before licking the serving spoon after I scoop out greek yogurt for my kids, though! I do think it's easier for me to be dairy-free than to have a moderate amount. Not even opening the cheese box is easier than stopping myself.
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