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Originally Posted by collegestudent123 View Post
Hi everyone....

I want to start Ideal Protein, but in no way can afford the diet. Do you think this is an ok modified version?

2 Quest Bars/Day
8 oz of lean protein
4 cups of veggies
Lots of water throughout the day
Multi Vitamin
Welcome! I have followed the IP protocol using alternatives and "real food". I definitely do not recommend two bars daily, and with Quest bars, you need to be really careful with which types are compliant. Not all varieties are. Here is what a typical phase one day looked like for me:

B: EAS AdvantEdge shake OR ProtiDiet dry cereal
L: three oz cooked lean protein and two cups veg OR ProtiDiet soup
D: 8 oz lean protein (usually 6 oz cooked-measure raw) and 2 cups veg
Snack: a Quest or Detour (lower sugar) bar OR ProtiDiet pudding, bar, or wafers

Originally Posted by JLUS View Post
You CAN do this at a significant cost saving!!!

FYI - SOMEONE with the SUPPLEMENT INFO jump in here as I don't have it at hand... You will need more than just a multi-vitamin because you will not get everything you need from the packets, veggies and meat.
Amen to that! And yes, supplements are vital. IP recommends omegas, calcium, magnesium, and potassium to start. Check the protocol sheet for the supplement info.

Originally Posted by Ruth Ann View Post
Hooray Sarah for figuring out the emotional eating! One thing I love about IP is that it really made me look at the reasons I was eating. Had conversations with myself that went:

Little voice: I want to eat something
Me: I'm not hungry, I just ate - drink some water
Little voice: No, I want to eat some XYZ
Me: Why do you want to eat? you're not hungry.
Little voice: But it's cold, rainy and I'm tired and cranky. Food will make it better.
Me: Food won't make it better. Let's go take a bubble bath and then go to bed with a good book.
Little voice: Well, okay. But can we take some food to eat in the bathtub?
Me: No, but if you don't shut up I'll drown you!
Ha! Love this!

Originally Posted by Slipfree View Post
A pretty big NSV for me. I have always admired how fresh short hair can look, but always felt that my face was too round or I hid behind my hair. Not anymore! Yesterday, I cut off a LOT of my hair. I like it
Adorable! Your cut is fantastic!

Originally Posted by AmberLS View Post
Okay I have to share today is break through the slumps day! As of this morning I am officially slightly more than halfway to my goal!!!!!! I finally lost some weight and I ony have 10lbs till onederland, well 9.7 technically lol!!! I am so excited. I also noticed that my newly acquired 16's are already a little baggy... Feeling pretty darn good today to be out of the 2teens and into the 2singles... can't wait for onederland! I am going to make it to my onederland goal by my trip darn it!!
Excellent! Glad you pushed through it!
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