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Hello All,

Thanks for the comments - I do have another question; asking on my Mother's behalf.

My mom is 62, needs to lose about 100lbs - she has high blood pressure takes medication to keep it under control. She has a bad heart and is on blood thinners due to heart attacks in the past.

She takes water pills to control retention of water, and is on a low sodium diet.

She also is VERY finicky (SP?) about the vegetables that she likes. From the list she only likes cucumbers, celery, and an occasional tomato. She does not like lettuce. She has tried over the years to introduce more veggies, but the psychological things keeps it where she cant eat them.

Question - Could this diet work for her? Is there a solution for not eating lettuce? Is it terrible to only eat 2 types of veggies more or less?

She already eats less - in her mind she thinks if she eats less that she will lose weight. I hope that this diet could work for her. I have asked her to ask her doctor what he thinks, but also thought it would be good to ask you and see what you think.



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