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Happy Sunday.
Pupmom, yesterday the Communion/Kentucky Derby party was fun. It was fun watching all the little ones in the bouncy house, it was fun visiting with far away relatives, it was fun taking a walk on the nearby boardwalk. It would have been more fun drinking all of the Mint Juleps other were having but I stuck to my guns! My nephew was a professional bartender so he knows how to make them real good. I asked for a teeny taste, so he poured it into a cordial glass for me with ice, and lots of mint. I counted it as 1/2 of one. 5 points and it was worth it. It was a once a year event, and we were all getting into the fun of it with betting, etc. The food was from a famous BBQ restaurant in his town, the only thing I ate was one chicken drumstick with no skin. Mind you there were ribs and shredded pork sliders too. Instead of even one bite of cake I had some fruit.

I am so happy I made a plan to stay 100% on daily points, and stuck to it! There will be other parties, but I proved to myself I could enjoy the celebrations even though I didn't indulge in the special foods.

Today is another great day. Daughter is visiting and we are having a BBQ, all points recorded, including corn on the cob, yummy, and 2 point hamburger buns. I hate eating a burger without a bun; don't you?

Enjoy your day!
My goal for 2014 is Fifty Pounds in Fifty Weeks began Christmas 2013

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