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Gorgeous spring Saturday, windy but mostly sunny and warmer than the rest of the week has been. Not a busy one, just chores and errands and a bit of relaxing. Food was so-so, but still more than I need, and need to shave that down a bit. Seems harder surrounded by my own pantry.

Without reviewing the posts from earlier when I was reading them, I was intrigued with the basic study on three meals a day vs. the smaller meals and snacks. I swear that was what made the difference for me last month, so need to try it and see. I find myself eating because I have a snack prepared at work, or it's "time" or I think about it and it sounds good. What the heck? But with no snacking, there goes several hundred calories and I'm certainly not going to wither away. C'mon "No Choice" back into my life!

My father is still in hospital - an issue they cannot figure out yet, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they're able to solve this. I'm worried but cannot solve it, so have faith that those who are skilled and knowledgeable, can in due time. He's been asking when I'm returning, so that makes me feel both good (that it wasn't too hellish for him then) and bad (that I'm not there now)...

Welcome, freely! I look forward to hearing your challenges as well as your successes and tips! A good group of folks here - very supportive and well-led by Bill! And Bill, I hope you're feeling better today! That chocolate factory sounded intriguing. Fill us in on how the Easter baskets were received. They sound wonderfully clever.

Lexxiss - I hope with as busy as things have developed for you here lately, that you are able to get some "me" time and a bit of relaxing in ... Hope DH's infection improves and you don't get too overworked! It sounds like you're doing great staying in maintenance with all the challenges you are facing right now. Major kudos for checking in here and keeping track of what is working for you right now.

I checked out the Diet Fix from the library, but there's a part of me that just thinks this isn't the time that anything will really resonate. I liked Beck's strategies and want to get better at working those CBTs and think I need to focus there. But I must've felt like I needed to be on that train!

GosfordGirl - More power to you with enjoying the first cool day of autumn - I shudder at thinking of the colder weather returning here anytime soon.

OneByOne - You had me laughing at the image of the host realizing the stencil was of him. Clever! I'm glad you had fun with the show - major credits for sharing your art and talent.

AZTricia - Hope DH's birthday celebration was enjoyable! Enjoy the weekend - it sounds like both the weekends and weekdays are super busy for you!

Flnu - I'm so impressed with your progress on the C5K program - you're kicking it!! What's your next challenge/goal with it?

GardenerJoy - Doesn't a farmer's market on a Saturday morning just "feel" right? I wish I was able to schedule to do that much more often - and should prioritize that when the weather is nice and my schedule allows. Thanks for the reminder of that.

Maryann - It sounds like you're back on track and in the grand picture - you just had a blip. Great job to look inside to find what you need and address it.

Apologies if I missed folks - it's getting long and I'll get caught up hopefully tomorrow afternoon...

So close ... now so far!

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