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Originally Posted by collegestudent123 View Post
Hi everyone....

I want to start Ideal Protein, but in no way can afford the diet. Do you think this is an ok modified version?

2 Quest Bars/Day
8 oz of lean protein
4 cups of veggies
Lots of water throughout the day
Multi Vitamin

I am getting the quest bars tomorrow morning. I can't wait to lose this weight! As a college student though, I need to be able to do this on a budget. What do you all think of this plan?
WELCOME and KUDOS to you as a college student for taking control NOW!!

Do you have the Phase 1 sheet? You will see you need three packets per day... two unrestricted and one restricted. You can't shortchange that because as the plan is designed you will get 800-900 calories and need every bit of the nutrition from those three packets!!

Quest bars are for most people restricted (a couple are on the border, but usually treated as a restri8cted items so only one per day.) You can get EAS CarbAdvantage shakes four for $4 at Walmart/Target etc. And the Pure Protein shakes four for $8 (they are a little richer, a little bigger and in my opinion worth the additional cost, but I also use EAS).

Have you red through the Alternative Products for use in Phase 1 thread?? It is a MUST READ for those doing OP with non-IP alternative foods. The second post shows the nutritional information you will need when selecting alternative products.

Read the Alternative thread and ask questions there or here on the Daily Chat.

You CAN do this at a significant cost savings and be successful!!!

FYI - SOMEONE with the SUPPLEMENT INFO jump in here as I don't have it at hand... You will need more than just a multi-vitamin because you will not get everything you need from the packets, veggies and meat.

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