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Originally Posted by AmberLS View Post
Has anyone ever experienced struggles staying OP after being on for awhile? How did you over come those? The problem for the past week is that I feel like I'm going to cave at any moment. I haven't yet, but the desire to eat my children's food is getting overwhelming at times. They are small and though they eat a lot of what I eat they also get snacks and treats that I obviously don't. We went to the movies yesterday and I darn near at the popcorn (I've been to the movies numerous times and never came that close). One had a birthday and took cookies to school, brought home the left overs and I had a close call there. I was making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and came close to licking the spoon (I don't even really like peanut butter). It's the weirdest thing. I mean I struggled a little at the beginning but after a couple weeks and all the great progress I had few problems. Now I'm getting so afraid I'll cheat I'm hiding out in my house and don't want to go do things with my friends and family like I have been. Not to say I haven't occasionally had desires to eat things but they have been just that, OCCASIONAL desires that are easy to overcome but lately it doesn't matter what it is I suddenly have these urges and I mean have had the handful of popcorn up to my mouth... Now my dreams have gone from cheat dreams to cheat NIGHTMARES where I'm binging myself on food to the point I'm making myself sick. It is just so weird.
I have also struggled this week. It is especially strange because it had been so easy at first. I was so surprised that I had NOT craved sweets and had found it easy to ignore "illegal" foods around me. But, that all changed this week. Don't know why... though I do have a theory. For one, I am bored with my food selections. Second, I am tired of all the prep work. Third, because of those first two, I haven't been pre-planning and pre-prepping like I should...

I don't know, really, but I'm going to take some time this weekend to think hard about my goals and try to find some ways to bring back some excitement that I had in the first few weeks.
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