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Originally Posted by ChipnDip View Post
I find my eyes wondering a little. Ads for foods on tv or roadside signs and I miss some of those things. But I think it is that I am a little bored with my options. I really don't love veggies and although I'm not craving potatoes or pasta it is just so darn easy to do. Veggies are so much work and I have to keep going back to the store to buy more so they are fresh. I look in my IP cupboard and don't really want anything! If I keep eating crisps and pudding is that setting me up for junk food in the future? I love how I feel but I really wish somebody else would just cook for me for a while! In the past that would result in take out but that just isn't an option.

Ok, my pity party is over. Time for lunch.
I feel the same. Every time I go to the grocery store to buy veg, I get frustrated that the produce section is SURROUNDED by junk food. I know why they do it, I just find it irritating. And boredom, YES. I miss my cheese! My coach and I had a conversation about it at my WI a couple of days ago. And I really noticed last night how much time it takes to prep my veg for the week!

Originally Posted by JSorrell View Post
So...the cat likes rutabaga. That's not normal.

I had a cat once who loved French fries and green beans!
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