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Perfect idea Ruth Ann, because we DO have restricted diets for medical reasons - our general health! Before you go to a buffet - look carefully at the people and what they put on their plates and you will notice a correlation between overloading plates and overweight bodies. Yes, it is judging and we aren't supposed to be that way (not very PC), but as long as you keep it to yourself - you can learn from it.
Take your shaker cup & a spoon along with packets for the day. Staceyhay knows what she is talking about. Take veggies in a baggie that are tough to kill when out of the fridge like celery and jicama sticks, just to add to your salads that you find in proper restaurants - NO CART FOOD, lol.

Have fun with the walking and enjoy the rides... take a pedometer if you can just for interest sake and see how many steps you take. Everyone is supposed to aim for 10,000 a day for good health. One day last year when I worked at a major agricultural exhibition I logged more than 25,000 steps. Don't think I'll see that again soon, lol


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