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Originally Posted by JSorrell View Post
So...the cat likes rutabaga. That's not normal.
The cat just wants what you have, lol!! Not a fan of rutabaga or turnip although I'll eat almost anything else.
On a side note - it's asparagus season here - the time when the only vegetable we eat for a month is fresh asparagus!!! I buy 10 lbs at a time and don't freeze any of it. Bad side is pee STINKS from asparagus - I know, TMI...
Looking forward to fiddleheads soon, too. Right now recovering from being 'glutened.' I was out for a very busy day with a friend, and we went to my usual Japanese Sukiyaki style joint where I always order the beef & vegetables with no teriyaki or soy sauce (& sometimes no rice - carb smarter). I wasn't very vigilant about witnessing the grill clean first because I was tired and overhungry, and there was a new guy on...
Needless to say within a couple hours after I was in severe pain and my stomach had gained 10 inches (not joking). We managed to make it home before I was tied to the bathroom and my knee & elbow joints have been aching as well since then. So exhausted, sick & sore, and it will take days to recover.
REMINDER NOTE TO SELF: Never take your 'regular' restaurant meal for granted - ALWAYS check prep.

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