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Optifast, Full Fast
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MsMatic, Don't be too quick to criticize another person's choice of diet. We all are different and have different needs.

Next week I will be starting a medical weight loss program that uses Optifast products (similar to Medifast). The program is located in a hospital's weight loss center. It is a medically supervised program and begins with a complete physical, EKG, and bloodwork to see if one is healthy enough to diet. I also have to meet with a psychologist, a behavior specialist, and a dietitian.

Weekly I will be required to meet with doctors, nurses, dietitians, and a support group. I will also be required to have bloodwork repeated weekly to make sure I am tolerating the diet. The first 12 weeks consists of 800 calories per day liquid meal replacement. After the 12 weeks comes the hard part... the gradual adding back of healthy food. This transition is guided and closely supervised, as is the maintenance phase of the diet. After the initial fast, some go on to have bariatric surgery. I have not chosen that path.

The reason I chose Optifast is because I have been ultimately unsuccessful with other diets. Over the past 20 years or so I have lost and regained so many times. I now find myself in a position where, for heath reasons, I feel a medically supervised program is the best/safest way for me to lose.

Like some others on this forum, I have many obstacles to losing. I am older and I have many health issues. Also, I am currently caring for my father and I am preparing meals for him and also preparing meals for my husband, both picky meat and potato type eaters. With this and all i do I find it incredibly hard planning healthy meals for myself and I know if I don't do something I will continue to gain. I was in a similar situation when I was caring for my mother 2 years ago and regained all the pounds I had worked hard to lose the previous year.

Granted, it is somewhat of a drastic measure to do the Optifast program but there are many positives to doing so. For one, I will not have to plan my meals for 12 weeks which is a huge help because of my current situation. After the 12 weeks I should see a large weight loss which will encourage me and motivate me to continue. Health professionals with keep an eye on my weight loss and also on my thyroid levels, blood sugar, and etc. I will also have guidance and support through maintenance and beyond.

I really didn't mean to share so much personal information but I wanted to illustrate why some might choose this type of diet. MsMatic, I do consider myself educated as to what a nutritious diet consists of but sometimes it is not as simple as merely eating properly. Those who jump to forums that are not about the diet they personally follow to post negativity need to think before they do so.

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