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Default "don't do that thing that doesn't work" - sage advice from a Beck member.


Well I am back putting back into place the things that work for me. I re-started the declutter thread for extra focus and support. I'm wearing my fitbit and planning my meals and setting out rules for behaviour around food and I created a distractions list for when I want to go off plan and made a deal with myself that I'd work through the 5 items before I picked up food to feed non-hunger issues. My goal is to string OP days together.

BillBlueEyes Yes! The Spanish submission awards solo art shows to the best prints in the different categories of printmaking. I am not holding my breath, but at least I am in the running. AND I did take a facebook quiz that told me I should live in Barcelona, coincidentally the place my prints are traveling to RIGHT NOW. BTW cocoa mulch is said to be a very good ground cover keeping your plants hydrated. That was a good call. I'd like a 10lb bag of that too.

GosfordGirl A shiver went through me when you wrote it was cold and windy and its arrival said to be "un-seasonally early". Yikes. The winter we just had still haunts me with the driving rain this week causing me to wonder if it was snowing. And I was not the only one. I do recall you longing for the colder temps so I know you'll enjoy it more than I would were it to be happening here! I have the same weightloss app you do and I too fall asleep to it--or I did when I was using it regularly, which I will be again as I am doing the things that work again. I have listened to it all while awake and don't worry, we won't be inexplicably clucking like chickens at inopportune times.

Back to work for me.
Going to 150 5lbs at a time

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