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Thanks, guess I am a lurker now Honestly I don't even lurk here much. It is a time thing mostly. Heck I barely watch ESPN now. Daughter and all I just spent too much time here. And I really think I am going to write a book on everything I've learned and has happened to me this past year. I truly believe the only way to save our economy and schools is by dropping the nutrition madness of the last 45 years.

This might seem hyperbole, but get fruit juice and grains out of school and replace with bacon and eggs and watch schools transform.

And yes it is called bulletproof coffee. I don't use the 'official' coffee beans. But I use organic beans, an Aeropress, grass fed butter, coconut oil, small amount of organic half and half, and a handheld frother. It is the most wonderful start to the day ever devised by humankind.
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