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Default Saturday evening


The first cold day of Autumn - it is snowing somewhere up the Blue Mountains or Central Tablelands to make it this cold and windy. Apparently this is unseasonally early. It was a good day to be inside working. I took the dogs for a long walk on the street after the rain passed so credit. Still under for steps today though at about 6000 and it won't go higher. Listened to my motivation app every day this week and the weight loss hypnotherapy recording as I go to sleep. Not sure what is on the hypnotherapy recording, or even how long it is, because I always fall asleep! Hope it is nothing too problematic on the recording!

Last night I ate a (planned and accounted for) gluten free pizza - I bought the base and added toppings - what a waste of calories and carbs. It was heavy and thick and not nice. Won't do that again. I am better with low carb meat and veggies

Today was a fast day - I seem to always sit around 700 calories rather than 500 because I won't eat less. But it seems to work at the moment. Tonight having a big bowl of non carb veggies. Tomorrow I have gym and dog walk. I am still in a holding pattern with DF as I can't eat out and I haven't got the time to read and focus on the next section. So I am happy incorporating strategies up to this point and will get to the rest later.

BillBE - sorry to hear you are sick - bed and miso sound like a good treatment. If miso can improve radiation sickness I am sure it can help with a cold and fever. But do hydrate regularly please!

Onebyone - ouch for a nasty and phobic landlord. Sounds like you have stopped the slump and you are now on track for a good month. Congrats on making all those deadlines and being so productive - uber credits.

Flnu - your running from nothing to 5K is an inspiration - super credit - so leave the weight to sort itself out. As long as overall and on average you are losing weight (which you are) all is well [I like the fact that Yoni Freedhoff is a food activist - he lobbies governments and agencies about the incorrect claims that certain foods (like nutella) are healthy. In particular he is active in terms of what children are fed at school and what is allowable in canteens. It is not something I would agitate about but I can see how important it is]

Maryann - I am sorry you are in a funk. I second what Tricia is saying about gut health and mental health. One of the links I posted earlier is so encouraging about the link between the gut and moods - especially for people with sensitivities. Hope your day of "getting back some peace with food" went well. Credit for a food plan and for being totally honest - you are one of our shining lights of getting to maintenance

Gardenerjoy - another shining light! Yay for 10% reset. The whole logging thing is useful isn't it. And I love MFP for that purpose especially as I have been using it long enough to have recipes in there. Glad you got to have a meal out in comfort

Nationalparker - hope your dad gets out of hospital soon and you get clarity about when you can go back

6crowsgold - It does get tougher as you get older (I am 63) and it is always a surprise when you suddenly realise that things don't happen as quickly or as easily as when one is younger. Yay for olive oil rather than candy. I use good olive oil and coconut oil and ghee and I am paleo (actually Primal because I use dairy) so can see where you are heading.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - sorry you are so busy and that life is throwing up challenges. I must admit that the reason you have two homes is lost in the mist of time. I can barely manage one home so see that it could be challenging to have 2 and a rental! Credit for coming up with a plan to keep you on track and posting for the next few weeks

Freely - WELCOME - yes - this is where you find diet coaches and buddies. Feel free to just post about you and no need to post personals until/if you feel comfortable to do it

Tricia - glad the increase in calories and breakfast is helping - Credit for problem solving. Hope you eventually get to celebrate DH's birthday

Sorry for how long this is - I was just going to do a brief post but when you reread everyone's offerings they demand a response

Have a good weekend coaches - mine is now half over

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