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Exclamation this week's credits


I felt like my post earlier was heavy on the things I didn't do with no mention of the things I did accomplish and so for my own self-esteem I am going to list what I accomplished this week which was a biggie for me and out of the ordinary:


for making a plan for tomorrow for my food and committing to it and posting here

designed printed and mailed off a set of 12 prints for a print exchange meeting a deadline I agreed to a few months ago (did not eat over this task).

gathered and re-sized, packaged and mailed off and met the deadline for a submission to Spain, my first to Europe.

found an outfit, went on local cable, did not get too down about my size and decided to just have fun and we had a great time on air even though we really messed our project up on live tv with the cable tv host. I designed a stencil for us to do onto a clay tile that we had the host make. He nearly died when he realized the stencil was of his own face (first one of this type I have ever made *extra credit*... it got a BIG LOL). Then when transferring the image everything was too wet and with the complicated spaces cut into the stencil the whole thing smooshed and the lines went blurry/blotchy but I cleaned it up and told him I managed to make him look "human". He said he wanted us back on. LOL. Big credit for getting through that even though I am at a very high weight *which had nothing to do with my performance* but I don't look forward to seeing the episode. We are getting the dvd.

did some tracking, ate homemade 70% of the time, posted here almost everyday unless I was working at my studio, did weigh in and see a 4.5lb rise over the course of the month while following the Diet Fix 10 day reset which I did complete and thoroughly consider. I will use some of the information there. Mostly I re-learned Beck and recognized my fitbit plan was the one that worked the best recently and I will stick to that.

Also recognized that if I have one major flaw it is giving up too soon and not sticking to something when I think something new=something better. My foray with the diet fix has delayed my progress as I screwed around trying to sort through it. Why I wonder now looking back... And now with the landlord coming in on Sunday I think why did I stop working on my clutter issues again? I have no idea but it's hard to know where to start again on both fronts. I think I need to remember to follow through and see it through to the end. To not stop and start. That is deadly for me. Because I don't just stop and start from where I I return back to where I started from, having to do it all over again and again and again. No wonder I feel exhausted even thinking about re-starting. Anyway, blahblahblah! It's all good to know but it means nothing if I DO nothing about any of it.

Thanks for letting me vent.
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