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Originally Posted by Stacyp View Post
Thx Kscott, I really do feel differently this time. I know it's not a quick bandaid then back to bad habits that got me here. I really am finding all the stories and being able to relate to other people in the same situation inspiring. My plan is to do ideal protein for three months then switch to a paleo diet long term. I defiantly have refined sugar and carb addiction. So I'm doing the ideal protein to detox. Thx for all the advise and support.

Me too, bread--I love it--and I ate too much of it, along with sugary items. I don't eliminate anything from my diet anymore, I just eat a lot less of it.

So for bread it's fairly easy to eat one slice instead of two--cake for me today is a sliver--and again what really is a huge help to me is myfitnesspal. I can eat breakfast and tell how many calories I have left that I can eat for the day. And just being aware of that, for the day, is a huge help to me.

I lost about 18 pounds within a 6 month period, then it started to slow, then I was stuck on 6 pounds for months, until I uploaded myfitness pal--and I've lost another 2 pounds just because of being aware of what and how much I am eating.

If I am just starving--I will eat a tablespoon of all natural peanut butter to get me to the next lunch--dinner whatever. I have been doing it for some time now, and I rarely get hungry anymore. I think my stomach shrank along with the rest of me.
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