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Hi Coaches!

I have been out of sight but not out of mind. I've had some struggles since I last posted. Most of my struggle with food seems to be associated with having too many things to do and too little time. I have acknowledged some feelings of hopelessness and distress….seems like things never get better (or easier) in my life. So: I keep trying to stay on track with my food plan and find daily credits.
~never miss my breakfast smoothie
~make my best possible choices at work
~shop healthy/cook healthy
~weigh everyday
Problem areas are with unplanned snacks...not so much overeating. I've even noticed times when I specifically don't overeat as a response to stress.
I did notice my trying to eat while standing for the past few days and I am making a concerted effort to stop. Credit
Personally, my life is extremely busy and unpredictable right now. DH has an infection which needs daily care so I've taken over (again) 100% of household/yard chores. It's a lot of work with 2 homes and a rental which needs to be finished. (Credit for emailing my helper today and setting up an appt. for tomorrow AM). I am getting lots of exercise with all the yardwork (and real job) and so weight is staying in my maintenance range which I can live with for now.
I am willing-yet my biggest challenge in getting here regularly is my continued lack of reliable internet. I manage a daily hello at the SBD daily chat because it's easy from my phone. Detailed and mindful posts-not so much. I am going to try and make it a priority to get here more often. When I was in my final month of the "projects" I streaked 30 days checking in, however brief. (I am considering trying that again
I "Do" check in with you all every day. I read each and every post mindfully and I wish it were easier to "talk back". I appreciate each and every word you all write; I cheer your successes and empathize with your struggles. I can't predict what my future holds but I promise to keep trying….

BBE, sending you healthful vibes for getting over your crud! It is not fun to stay in bed. I weighed on your "dehydrated" scale today...nice number, too, lol

MaryAnn, I encourage you to keep trying...keep practicing Dr. Becks suggested steps and be gentle with yourself. I'm dealing with the blues, too, lately, and notice my eating often deteriorates when I start with the sabotaging thoughts diminishing the value of the incredible progress I have made. Despite how I may "feel" today I AM still a success.

6crowsgold, your bio is mine, too! Kudos for your success steering clear of the flour tortillas. I have a special olive oil, too, and make sure I'm always stocked. I roasted purple cabbage slices, broccoli and baby purple potatoes for lunch. Yum.

nationalparker, glad you had a nice visit with DH's DD. What a difference a year has made! Funny, I've not "noticed" before that you're a non drinker. I'm an ex-drinker. I've noticed food is certainly less complicated without alcohol. Great that you're planning ahead for your next visit at your folks at a time you won't have to experience and encounter your sis. It really is OK.

gardenerjoy, I always love when I can go enjoy a social meal at a normal place. It makes for such a pleasant experience all the way around. I enjoy your continuing insights with DF.

flnu, I am so impressed with your 5K stats...that's a new behavior to be proud of! Credit!

onebyone, sending you positive vibes to get back with what you know works. I enjoy reading about other plans but really do prefer to stick with what works right now. Automating is so much easier when busy.

Cheryl(GosfordGirl), Kudos kudos for keeping at it and seeing those results you have wanted! I smile every day for you!

Aztricia, kudos, too, for sticking with your plan even though things don't always progress as fast as you'd like. Thanks for posting the link to pleasurable activities. I agree, they may not be effective initially….we just keep trying!

PS-I will add that last night, as I was analyzing my day I recognized that the condition of my home is really bugging me. I'm not getting lots done inside as I have spent 4-6 hours a day in the yard during my days off this week. I recognized I'd be much happier if my kitchen/refrigerator got cleaned/decluttered. Well I just did it last night and everything felt lots better this morning. Credit.

Take care everyone!
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