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S/C/G: 80.2kg/66kg/60kg x2.2 for lb

Height: 165cm/5' 4.5"


They are clearly looking for graduates and don't expect any experience. It would seem they've contacted the career dev person to help them find a person like you.

Give the interview your best shot. They are looking at you the person and your potential, more than how many things you've got under your belt already.

If you don't get it, you'll have had a useful experience. There will very likely be many interviews ahead. So learn to go to an interview without your hopes really high but doing your best to give a good interview.

if you put too much hope into each interview, you will wear your emotional self down. You are competing with lots of other who you know nothing about. Only one person can have the job so there will be lots of disappointments. So be enthusiastic and genuine but take a cautious approach with regard to your chances.

In the job itself they will train you up and don't expect you to know everything or even much. They want someone who can learn the job. Degrees do not give experience or even necessarily job appropriate knowledge. They give you broad skills that can be applied in a wide range of situations such as writing, critical thinking and learning skills.
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