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Finally Friday!

To those that wonder: I'm 56 years old, female, and past menopause.

Today is a Fast, and I didn't get my workout in yesterday, so will do it tonight, hard or not. Tomorrow is Weigh-In. I really expect to bounce up a bit since last week's loss was so dramatic. Trying to prime myself not to be disappointed, even though I was unusually attentive to my Plan this week!

The Romaine leaves were fine as a flour tortilla replacement, I made sure to include some real Mayo to make up the appeal. Those tortillas really set me off on the Binge Vector, so I need to steer clear. I feel I'm trending in a Paleo direction as I go. We'll see. There's several tweaks and changes I'd like to make but am wary of too much too soon and upsetting the balance.

The Very Special Olive Oil has arrived! Want to roast some sort of vegetable and drizzle it!

maryann: Please hang in there. Get your breath, and know you are Doing Something by sitting down to re-assess and then stepping back into the Weigh Battles!

flnu: Yep, I also think the loose connections I see in the "science" in many diet books make me a little skeptical. Personally, I haven't been able to hold a solid breakfast down since I was 20. Even now, I drink a mere 8oz soy protein shake for "breakfast" and that's it. Works for me. On the other hand, "diarizing" in my food log is really helping. I think we all have to navigate our own way through all the "Wisdom" out there!

BBE: I believe shivering counts as a workout when you're that sick. Get better soon!

All the Best to you who are All the Best!

PS: Just so I'm not totally out of step with the DF readers here, I did listen to a couple Podcast interviews with Dr. Freedhoff to get the scoop. Now I feel up to speed on what everyone is discussing, but am sticking with the Beck book to keep it simple for now.

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