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Thanks for understanding!!! I just swore Id never take "diet pills" and maintained that for a billion years LOL. BUT...Im sick of wasting time and needed a good kick start. I do feel that I gotta do what I gotta do to get rid of this. It isnt something I plan on doing til _____.

So far I like the fact that Phen doesnt make me "feel"..anything...not hyper, not tired, no giddy, not not hungry. I just dont feel like eating. I know with taking insulin I have to be very aware so Im testing my blood sugars a lot and keeping glucose handy just in case.

Over all....I eat healthy and have for several years. I know most of my issue is eating too much or too often. Im hoping the Phen will "slow me down" in make me think before I take that first bite and that'll give me the cause to pause and decide if Im eating because Im actually hungry or if Im eating just to eat. Sounds kinda goofy I guess.

I swore Id never let myself get "here" and yet, lo and I is
How this happened Im not sure but it was a wild and crazy ride for sure.
Being in casts and on crutches repeatedly surely hasnt helped. Recovering from repeated knee and back surgeries is extremely limiting and face it...bottom line is they're ALL nothing more than excuses and that's what Im trying to get away from. Thanks for listening

....oh I shoulda warned y'all....Im a talker
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