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S/C/G: (H)247/(C)159/(Goal)142-138

Height: 5'3"


More NROLW reports of imbalance:

- 100 lbs deadlift for 2x12 reps, and am sure I can go up 5 lbs next time
- 80 lbs lat pulldown, and will figure out how to add to this one with those loose plates, as I'm not sure I can jump to 87.5
- For the dumbbell shoulder press, I'm on 22.5 lbs each, would love to make it to 25 lbs.

But weighted lunges at 12.5 lb dumbbells make my wrists tired. This now explains the forearm soreness. It was from holding onto these. If I were not strictly following this program, I'd do some farmers' walks to try to get a stronger grip.

Planks at 2 mins are no problem. Again, this is from my Pilates work. So I am now doing the single lifted leg, which makes this MUCH tougher.

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