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Welcome, everyone!

There's no limit on the fun here -- so join us!

Syckgirlsfv: you can check in as often as it works for you. In practice, I think the most successful of us check in daily. If you don't want to weigh that often, check in with how your plan is going.

wvuchick: 7 lbs
tinajayne72: 5 lbs
Sum38: 8 lbs
curvynotlumpy: 8 lbs
Nunu27: 8 lbs
Olivia7906: 7 lbs
KarinRose: 8 lbs
Nichelle: 8 lbs
danana30: 10 lbs
maddierep: 10 lbs
Sydney_2009: 4kgs
Rashomon: 10 lbs
BigChiefHoho: 4 lbs
helpmelose: 10 lbs
nonameslob: 5 lbs
AAD: 2 lbs
tranquilbeauty: 8 lbs
Mrs_Snark: 90 meals POP, photos of all food
Rsadler126: check in w/ weigh each weekday
Koshka: 5 lbs
SkylarLeeDixon: 10 lbs
Turtle11: maintain for an early pregnancy month
Syckgirlsfv: 8 lbs
jblanken: 10 lbs
Thedollylala: 7 lbs
noshoes: 3.5 kgs
sasyblond401: 5 lbs
gardenerjoy: log my food every day
RVAscreenwriter: 7 lbs
boatingmommy: 5 lbs
kelijpa: 6 lbs
xopeaceandlovexo: get to 198
sugar2go: 8 lbs
TrayTeam: 5 lbs
marymo: 4 lbs
MarliQQ: 12.7 lbs
My goal story: Fifty and feeling fabulous!
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