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Originally Posted by eascolady View Post
I am struggling a little I so want a glass of wine. I am two weeks in and have lost 3 pounds my first week have not weighed in for my 2nd week yet. However I want to have a glass of wine. Will it ruin my loss if I do?
You might get by without ruining your loss but there are several reasons you may want to skip the wine: it takes about 4 weeks for your body to adapt to an efficient fat-burning state of ketosis. Your liver is busy making enzymes to burn fat. If you have alcohol, it stops doing that in order to detoxify the alcohol. That might result in a slower weight loss.

Alcohol may also disinhibit you a bit so that it will easier to eat off plan. A number of my co-workers decided to have alcohol. At first they did okay having just a little bit. But eventually they veered off & ended up quitting IP.

If you do have wine, it may affect you much more than before so be careful! Good luck!

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