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Ubee Thanks for the kick in the ***! NO MORE DONUTS!!!! I needed it....and I know I will feel better staying away from it.

Silent Hope you psyched yourself up to work out this evening...It sucks when you still are under the weather though...Feel better love bug!

I had my ultra sound today. It was very uncomfortable and at times it was painful. The nurse who did my ultra sound was very nice and even apologized if she hurt me while she was moving the wand around. I could watch everything on a tv above me which was kind of cool...It actually helped keep me calm because I was so nervous. I could still see some cysts inside my ovaries when she pushed on my stomach to get a better look, but I couldn't tell exactly how big they are now since it was on a big tv. I won't know the results from them for about a week. I have to wait for the doctor to call me then I'll either go in or we'll just discuss it over the phone. I'm trying not to worry that anything bad will come of it. I already knew I had the cysts, I am just hoping that it hasn't gotten worse in there since the last time I was checked.

After my appointment I was very sore and felt like crap. When I eventually got home from work I just ate dinner and layed down for a little bit, but I did end up pushing myself to get up and try and work out. I decided just to do some cardio and not lift any weights to take it a little bit easy. I tried to do the Alpha Cardio from Focus T25, and by I'm not ready for that yet. There's so much jumping around that my fat is being thrown every which way and it kinda hurt...So I still have awhile before I can feel comfortable doing that. I just stuck to my Cardio Party on Turbo Jam.

Nothing much else to report...I stayed on plan today even with a company rep buying lunch for us I still ate a salad and just got one with a ton of veggies on it and added my own piece of chicken I had brought from home.

Tomorrow is Friday and I am looking forward to the weekend! My friend and I are going to hang out, I'm going to treat her to lunch and who knows what else we'll do. Going to the farmer's market too on Saturday and maybe DH and I will get that walk in on Sunday on the beach that we like to try and do.

Night everyone!

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