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Originally Posted by canadjineh View Post
Hi girls: Sorry I missed Weigh in Wed. I actually stayed off the computer yesterday as I had a REALLY busy day in town.
Anyhow, this morning I was 132.5 (down from last Wed, but up from the in between days lol)
Still maintenance without stress

Hope you all are doing well!

Just a note about the Vega smoothie powder - check the Nutrition Facts Label, because some of them are 'Energizing' - like the berry one which means more carbs and some are protein powders like the Tropic Tango. I think the Chocolate one is protein focused too, but I don't know about vanilla...

Oooo... For breakfast today I decided on a new mix - 1/2 WF peanut spread and 1/2 chocolate Powerplant sprouted seed spread. OMG, it's like chocolate nutella and seriously delish on my GF Millet Chia toast. Anyone on maintenance will love this as a treat. I have to throw a little extra protein in there though, maybe a smoothie.
Powerplant is organic, raw, vegan, gluten/peanut free and kosher if that's your need. Made in Kelowna, BC (100 mile diet for me). Here's their website: - not cheap but seriously delicious and if you are into health type foods you will like this. Sprouted flax, hemp, pumpkin, and chia with added hemp protein. They have free shipping over CAD$70.00.

Sunny & 24C here today, hope your weather is approaching spring finally... all you central & eastern IPeeps.
I lived in cloverdale for four years before coming back to Ontario. I really loved living in BC.

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